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CR 12 tm

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Key Features
12.1-inch high-quality display.
Simple, customizable user interface with touchscreen controls.
Offers repeatable accuracy.
Moves easily from machine to machine.
Records and stores data each day, displaying what was planted and where. Data is stored locally and on the cloud.
Controls up to 105 virtual sections.
Map based navigation.
Boundary and guidance line options.
Recommended for up to 5-product control.
Slingshot® file transfer, remote support, and over-the-air software updates.
Easy backup/system recovery.
Straight A-B, A+, Pivot, Contour, and Last Pass guidance.
ISOBUS Universal Terminal and Task Controller capabilities
Its knowledge of your operation is second to none. If a seed bin ran out, and your operator began planting from another bin, CR12 will tell you exactly where in the field that happened. If you needed to switch machines mid-operation to finish a job, CR12 can switch between the two and tell the new machine exactly where the other one left off.

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