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Landscape & Tillage - Chippers and Blowers

Harper Goosen Chipper Shredder

Chipper Shredder Specifications
Model Gas PTO
Shredder Hopper Size 34" x 21"
Chipper Plate 18" diameter .75 machined and balanced steel plate
Chipper Capacity 5" max. diameter material
Shredder 36 free-swinging serratted knives
Chipper Knives 4 knives honed from tool steel
Chipper Chute 33"L x 13"W x 12"H
Shredder Capacity 1" to 1.25" max. diameter material recommended
Chip Sizing Grate 1.5" grate stndard
5", .75" and leaf bar optional
Approximate Shipping Weight 940 lbs. 560 lbs.
Power Requirements 18hp Honda engine 540 PTO at 18-30 hp*
Optional Equipment Blower Attachment with Directional Spout
*Warranty may be void if used on tractors over 35 hp.

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300710- Chipper Shredder, PTO powered

Standard Features:

  • PTO or Engine driven available
  • Hinged housing allows easy access to impeller.
  • THe Chipper can handle up to 5" diameter limbs.
  • Shreds leaves and other debris.

Goosen Straw Blowers

  • Conveyor feed for continuous material flow and even ground coverage.
  • 5 to 7 bales per minute output.
  • Gas or Diesel engines available.
  • 360° rotating discharge spout.
  • Automatic bale feed processes entire bale. No more slab feeding.
  • 1-1/2 to 2 bales per minute output.
  • Engine driven, PTO or Skid Steer drive available
  • 50 ft discharge.
Goosen Straw Blower
Goosen Straw Blower
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Straw Blowers Specifications
Model SB 5400 SB 1300 SB 1800 SB 3000 SB 3500 SB 4000
Engine PTO 540 Honda™ 13 hp Honda™ 18 hp Skid Steer Hydraulic System Vangard™ 31 hp Gas Yanmar™ 30 hp diesel
Power Discharge 60-70 ft. distance with 6" x 30' hosewith 45-50 ft. 50-55 ft. 60-70 ft. distance 6" X 30' hose 60-70 ft. 65-80 ft.
Dimensions 31"W x 55"L x 60"H 31"W x 51"L x 55"H 31"W x 51"L x 55"H 31"W x 55"L x 60"H 50"W x 116"L x 76"H 50"W x 116"L x 76"H
Weight 525 lb. 460 lb. 500 lb. 540 lb. 1500 lb. 1850 lb.
Bales/Minute 1-2 1-1.5 1.5-2 1-2 4-8 6-10
Rotor 16" dia./32 knives 16" dia./32 knives 16" dia./32" knives 16" dia./32 knives Eight #80 heavy duty roller chain Eight #80 heavy duty roller chain
Steel Impeller 18" dia./.25" steel 18" dia./.25" steel 18" dia./.25" steel 18" dia./.25" steel 25" dia. abrasion resistant steel 25" dia. abrasion resistant steel

SpeeCo Log Splitters

SpeeCo 3-Point Hitch Log Splitter
SpeeCo 3-Point Log Hitch Splitter
Stock #:18881

Speeco 22 Ton Log Splitter
Stock #: 18892

Speeco 25 Ton Log Splitter
Stock #: 18893
SPECIFICATIONS 3pt. Hitch 410221NO (22 Ton) 410216NO(25 Ton)
Engine -- 190cc 650 series 10.5 H.P. Briggs & Stratton
Pump -- Two Stage 11 gpm Two Stage 16 gpm
Wheels -- 4.80 x 8" Road Speed 4.80 x 8" Road Speed
Hydraulic Capacity -- 17 Quarts 31 Quarts
Filter -- Spin-On Replaceable Spin-On Replaceable
Tractor Categories 1 and 2 -- --
Maximum Splitting Force Depends on tractor* 22 Tons 25 Tons
Cycle Time Depends on tractor* 14 Seconds 12 Seconds
Maximum Log Length 26" 26" 26"
Cylinder 4" Diameter x 24" stroke 4" Diameter x 24" Stroke 4 1/2" Diameter x 24" Stroke
Valve Auto-return Auto-Return Auto-Return
Beam size 6" x 6" 6" x 9" With Spreader Wings 6" x 9" With Spreader Wings
Wedge 7" high with spreader wings 7" high with spreader wings 7" high with spreader wings
Hitch Tractor 3-point -- --
Height 42" Horizontal
72" Vertical
42" Horizontal
72" Vertical
42" Horizontal
72" Vertical
Width 22" 49" 49"
Length 72" 78" 78"
Shipping Weight 365 lbs. 525 lbs. 592 lbs.
*Splitting force is determined by cylinder size and tractor PSI. Cycle time depends on cylinder size and GPM's that the tractor produces. Tractor should ideally produce 8-15 GPM at 1500 to 2500 PSI. Do not exceed 3200 PSI. See tables on right for approximate splitting force and cycle time.




With skid-steer loader maneuverability, stumps can no longer hide next to buildings, storage sheds, fencerows, hillsides or sidewalks. The hydraulic StumpBuster is ideal for landscaping contractors and builders looking to remove one or more dozens of stumps. The hydraulically powered cutter eliminates any type of stump - tall or short, hardwood or soft - up to 45 inches in diameter, without the need to reposition the unit. And, because it's mounted on a skid steer loader, the user has improved front-end visibility to quickly maneuver around even the biggest-diameter stumps - or clean up a whole grove in no time.


The StumpBuster's hydraulic motor powers the 3/4-inch steel cutting wheel to an impressive 980 rpm, easily turning the hardest hardwood stumps into fine mulch. THe combination of a large 24" diameter cutting wheel and high hub torque cut a full 55-degree swath 10 inches deep, in less than 2 minutes.


Carbide steel teeth aggressively chew through any size stump, with little wear. Single-direction cutting puts less stress on the cylinder, bearings also ride in an oil bath virtually eliminating friction wear.


Shaver's fast-tach system allows the operator to maintain a fast and easy hookup. A single toggle switch mounted to the skid-steer loader allows the operator to move from stump to stump, without leaving the skid-steer loader. The 2-1/2" swing cylinder and hydraulic loses are standard sizes for easy repair or replacement. Teeth are easy to access and replace, using a standard wrench size.

  SC-25-H SC-50-H
Drive System Electric over hydraulic drive
Hydraulic Requirements 15 to 25 gpm 25 to 40 gpm high-flow
Max. cutting diameter 45 inches
Max. cutting depth 10 inches below ground 12 inches below ground
Cutting arc 55 degrees
Cutting wheel diameter 24 inches 34 inches
Cutting wheel speed 980 rpm 795 rpm


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