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Item 71864
Retail Unit Foot
Mfg Name Hi-Light
Mfg Item ID #41 M/S DRIVE C
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#41roller chain, mild steel, sold in box of 10'

Roller Chain is case hardening of pins and bushings, Shot penning of chain parts for additional fatigue strength, dip lubrication to coat and protect critical load carrying components.

ANSI roller chain sizes are determined by four dimensions:

  • Pitch - The distance, in inches, between centers of adjacent flexing joints
  • Inside width of the roller
  • Roller diameter
  • Side plate thickness

Roller chain construction is either riveted or cottered

  • Riveted construction is available for chain sizes 25 through 240
  • Cottered construction is available for sizes 100 and larger

Multiple strands are also available

Roller chain is supplied in 10 foot boxes and sold by the foot

Roller chain may be furnished in different finishes and materials

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel