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Item 29622
Retail Unit Each
Mfg Name BBI
Mfg Item ID PTPG4508-10
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Trooper - BBI 10 ft Fertilizer Spreader - Targeted for Fleet Application - Pull with any reasonable Towing Vehicle - Easy to Operate - 60 foot swath - Designed for Distribution of Granular Fertilizer

  • UHMW and Stainless Steel reduces corrosion issues and extends the life of the spreader.
  • UHMW Bearing Back keeps bearings clean resulting in longer bearing life and fewer failures.
  • Proprietary BBI Spreader system delivers a wider, flatter and consistent pattern.
  • Dual Rack and Pinion gate prevents jams.
  • Optional Poly Brid™ Coating on Trailer Frame.
  • Pull with any tractor OR any reasonable towing vehicle!
  • Ground Wheel Drive Spinners spread fertilizer at 60’ vs. traditional designs at 30’.
  • Lowest capital cost spreader offered by BBI.
  • Outperforms all ground wheel drive spreaders in the market.
  • Flotation tires minimize compaction.
(PTGD) = Pull-Type Tandem Axle, Ground Wheel Drive
(PTPG) = Pull-Type Tandem Axle, Partial Ground Wheel Driven
(4508) = 45 Degree Sides, 8" Conveyor
(T-304) 304 Stainless, (T-409) 409 Stainless
Body Type Option
Option 1 L Low Standard Profile 17 cu ft  / lin ft struck, 49" high
Model Specs
** CAPACITY:  170 cu ft struck
** GROUND WHEEL DRIVE:  External ground wheel driven by traction againsts the tire.  As the spreader is pulled, the ground wheel transfers power from the rotating tires to the conveyor and spinners.  The ground wheel may be applied via tractor hydraulics or manual hand pump.  The unit is equipped with quick connect couplings for the use of both tractor supplied hydraulics or manual hydraulic engagement.
** SUSPENSION AND WHEELS:  Standard suspension includes 7,000 lb Henshen "Torsion-Flex" tandem axles with 11L x 15 tires with 6-Bolt Hub.
** CONVEYOR:  8" wide, 304 Stainless Steel Mesh Chain Conveyor
** SPINNERS:  Twin 24" diameter Spinners that are driven by the Ground Wheel Drive
** State of the Art - ELECTROSTATIC PAINT:  Unit is primed with a rust-inhibiting alkyd primer and then top-coated with high gloss enamel.  Color is gray for the hopper and black for the frame and parts.
** COATING:  A chemically resistant coating called "poly brid" is available.