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Item 70587
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Mfg Name SpraCoupe
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The SpraCoupe 4000 Series is driven by a 4.4L Perkins 1104D Diesel engine capable of delivering 125hp. The charged air-cooled engine runs clean and delivers an incredible 366 ft-lbs peak torque to power you through tough field conditions while maintaining fuel economy. With a BorgWarner T-5, five speed manual transmission, you can apply up to 1,195 acres on one 44 gallon tank of fuel.

The rear wheels are equipped with trailing leg, swing type coil springs and shock absorbers while the front wheels incorporate spring suspension and center axle pivots.

SpraCoupe has on tip to target control and accuracy. The 4000 Series sprayers harness the power of a front mounted, belt driven Hypro centrifugal pump for broad spectrum applications. Two manual control valves ensure proper upper and lower agitation. In-cab switching keeps crop protection products in optimal suspension in the 400 gallon poly product tank to deliver the right mixture to the field. With three options to choose from, you can select the boom configuration that best suits your operation. The 60 ft boom features 3 section shutoffs with 10 ft breakaways or choose the 80 ft boom with 5 section shutoffs and 20 ft breakaways. A third option is the 60'/80' configuration with 5 section shutoffs and 13 ft section breakaways as well as a boom tip breakaway.

Set your application rate and the Raven SCS 460 automatically maintains that rate over the field regardless of changes in speed and terrain. The console features multiple section boom control, two programmable application rates, Readouts for speed, volume applied, field area and sistance traveled. It even has a 10 year nonvolatile memory to retain the information programmed into the console.

One of the first things you'll notice about the SpraCoupe 4000 Series cab is how quiet it is. This reduces fatigue and increases operator productivity. You'll also appreciate how the filtration system keeps the air inside clean and fresh. The centered seat and steering column put you in a great postion to pilot your SpraCoupe down the rows, and the large front window and sloping hood design give you clear view whether you're in the field or on the road.