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Green Leaf String Wing
Item 721331
Retail Unit Each
Mfg Name Green Leaf
Mfg Item ID SW
UPC Code
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  • Wick Arrangement gives a double wipe which means an even application rate and a better kill.
  • Because wick runs from top to bottom rather than side to side you never have to worry about the top row of wicks drying out which has been a problem on the 1st generation of wick applicators.
  • 5' sections help reduce wicks from drying out when applying on uneven ground where the wick bar is constantly tilted.
  • Build any length applicator you want with the new "String Wing", the convenient 5' sections allow you to build 10', 15', 20' etc. sections.
  • The special design of alternating wicks on the end cap means when you put "String Wing" end-to-end you get full swath coverage. (no spots missed)
  • Each "String Wing" has its own 1-1/4" fill opening and a breather to prevent vapor locking or pressure surges due to weather temperatures.