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Bale Unroller 3pt Hitch W/ Cyl. & Hoses
Item 28913
Retail Unit Each
Mfg Name Worksaver
Mfg Item ID HHU-2045
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The Hay Handler/Unroller will transport and unroll round bales up to 2000 pounds. The Hay Handler/Unroller will handle bales from 42" to 62" in width and can handle bale diameters up to 72" (6')

The Hay Handler/Un-Roller is usually shipped as a bundle of parts on a pallet.

The pallet should consist the following:

  • 1 Main Frame 3-point hitch  (Fits Cat 1 & 2 Quick Hitches)
  • 1 Hardware Box
  • 1 2 1/2" x 8" Hydraulic Cylinder (stock# 122661)
  • 2 Pre-made hyd. hoses 3/8" x 72" (stock# 159470)
  • 2 Adapter 3/8" x 1/2" (72161)
  • 2 Tublar style Clamp Arms
  • 2 Spike Spinner Assemblies 
  • 2 Tublar Style Squeeze Arms 

Be sure your tractor is in good condition. Read all the safety pre-cautions and make sure all
tractor operators are familar with the safety rules of operation.

Great for hauling and un-rolling round bales of hay which reduces manure buildup and provides ample space for livestock to graze ensuring that all livestock are fed.

•The clamp arms are reversible to allow the unit to handle a wide range of bale widths. See assembly
instructions on which direction the arm should be turned to handle your bale width.

• DO NOT use a hydraulic cylinder larger than 3" in diameter.

A heavy load can cause instability in driving a tractor. Make sure the front of the tractor is properly
counter-balanced with weights. Always drive slowly- especially around turns. An un-stable tractor
could steer badly and possibly tip over, causing injury or death.