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Pioneer Rubber Dust Plug Green VP5205-4M-GR-CS
Item 720562
Retail Unit Each
Mfg Name Parker Hannifin
Mfg Item ID VP5205-4M-GR-CS
UPC Code
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Parker offers a selection of dust plugs and caps for their hydraulic quick couplings. Most series shown in this section have a dust plug and cap specifically designed to be used with that style of coupling. Dust plugs and caps serve a twofold function. They keep the mating surface clean and free of contamination and protect the critical mating elements of the coupling halves when they are disconnected. In this way the nipple is protected from damage that would make the total coupling unusable.

Protective dust plugs and caps play a crucial role in the use of quick couplings and no purchase of a hydraulic quick coupling is complete without the selection of an appropriate dust plug and cap. When ordering the dust cap/plug body size must correspond to that of the coupler or nipple.

Dust Plug: Used on Coupler (female half)

Dust Cap: Used on Nipple (male half)