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Item 23781
Retail Unit Each
Mfg Name Shaver
Mfg Item ID HD-10-H
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Fast and powerful, rugged and reliable, Shaver post drivers are built for heavier than the job requires.

  • Drives posts straight and true on almost any terrain
  • Drives a four to five inch post in 10-15 seconds
  • Drives steel, wood or even a railroad tie
  • Only 6 moving parts ensure long machine life
  • No digging, pointing, tamping, or setting
  • 30,000 to 100,000 pounds of impact; front or rear mounting

Mounting Brackets Sold Seperately

Direct Ship Only Plus Freight


Illus No.  Part Number Description
1  HBP-90812  Forward Tilt Cylinder
N/S  HBP-908120  Cylinder Carton
2  HBP-90813  Side Tilt Cylinder
3  HBP-908132  Cylinder fitting
4  HBP-908133  Cylinder Pin
5  HBP-908134  Pin
6  P-910181  Hose fitting
7  HBP-909  Short Channel
8  HBP-91011  Hyd. Base Plate w/Angles
N/S  HBP-91016
 Control Valve 
(Serial #28579 & Prior)
10  P-207  Closed Center Plug
11  P-910182  Hose Fitting
12  P-910183  Hose Fitting
13  P-910184  Hose fitting
14  SM-02111-P  Cylinder Hose
15  SM-014  Carriage Channel Pin
N/S  SM-1015-A  Base Plate Mounting Angle  (Obsolete)
17  P-23  Control Valve (Serial #28580 & Later)
N/S  SM-1011-DRC  Driving Ram Complete  (See HD-10 Page)
N/S  HBP-910171  Close Circuit Plug Package  (Obsolete)

Illus No.  Part Number Description
N/S  GS-V20-1998  Control Valve (2006 & Prior)
N/S  HBP-910171  Closed Center Plug Package
N/S  HBP-910181  Valve Fitting (2006 & Prior)
N/S  HBP-910182  Valve Fitting (2006 & Prior)
N/S  HBP-910183  Valve Fitting (2006 & Prior)
N/S  HBP-910184  Valve Fitting (2006 & Prior)
1  P-20  Control Valve
N/S  P-207  Closed Center Plug Package
3  S-020  Washer
4  S-0269  Piston Guide Nut
5  S-090  Spring Bracket Bolt & Lock Nut
6  S-092  Carriage Channel Bolt w/Nut & Lk Washer
7  SM-0041-B  Bumper
8  SM-00512  Nyrim Block  (Package of 4)
9  SM-014  Carriage Channel Pin
10  SM-016  Side Tilt Crank
11  SM-017  Side Tilt Crank Sleeve
12  SM-018  Side Tilt Nut w/Set Screw
13  SM-019  End Tilt Crank
14  SM-021  End Tilt Nut w/Set Screw
15  SM-022  End Tilt Tee
16  SM-0234-P  1/2" X 120" Pressure Hose
17  SM-02610  Piston Guide
18  SM-093  Cylinder Bolt
19  SM-0931  Cylinder Lock Nut
20  SM-0932  Cylinder Heavy Nut
21  SM-101  Short Carriage Channel
22  SM-1011-BS  Block Stud
23  SM-1011-DRO  Driving Ram Only
24  SM-1011-DRS  Driving Ram Spring
25  SM-1011-SBL  Spring Bracket Lower
26  SM-1011-SBU  Spring Bracket Upper
27  SM-1011-SC  Spring Clip
28  SM-1011-SDB  Spring Damper Block
29  SM-1015  Base Plate Less Pins/Cranks/Angles
30  SM-1015-A  Base Plate Mounting Angle  (Obsolete)
31  SM-1015-BPC  Base Plate Complete
32  SM-1023-P  1" X 26" Valve to Cylinder hose
33  SM-1025-R  1" X 120" Return Hose
34  SM-1026  Cylinder Complete
35  SM-10261  Cylinder Tube
36  SM-10262  Cap & Seal Assembly
37  SM-10265-D  U-Cup Seal
38  SM-10266  Piston Rod
39  SM-10267  Piston Lock Nut
40  SM-10268  Spring Washer
41  SM-1041-RLB  Road Lock Bracket
41  SM-1041-RLP  Road Lock Pin
43  SM-10412  Main Carriage Channel
44  SM-2-PH  Safety Post Holder
45  SM-2025-SB  Screw Block
46  SM-2025-SBS  Screw Block Support
N/S  SM-2025-LP  Linch Pin