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Item 70225
Retail Unit Each
Mfg Name Shaver
Mfg Item ID SC50
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Grind through even the toughest stumps with ease. The Shaver SC-50 is the most powerful stump cutter in the Shaver lineup.  Mounted to the 3-point hitch of any 35 to 100 horsepower tractor, the unit's 34" cutting wheel makes quick work of stumps, grinding them down to 12 inches below ground.  The SC-50 - built for speed power and durability - features single direction cutting for longer bearing and gearbox life. The unit's new heavy-duty rubber shield protects the operator and deflects the debris into a clean mulch pile.

Illus. No. Part Number Description
1 SC-50-73 Grease Zerk  (2 Req'd)
2 SC-50-53 Gearbox Hub to Wheel Attach
N/S SC-50-54 Hub to Wheel Bolt & Locknut
3 SC-50-91A Cutting Wheel (Less Teeth)
4 SC-50-15 Carbide Teeth
5 SC-50-62D Top Cylinder Swivel Attach
N/S SC-50-81 Top Cylinder / Swivel Bolt
N/S SC-50-82 Top Cylinder / Swivel Nut
6 SC-50-8 3-Pt. Attachment Bracket
N/S SC-50-83 Tractor Attach Pin (Cat. I)
N/S SC-50-83A  Tractor Attach Pin  (Cat. II)
7 SC-50-71 Side Cylinder / Swivel Pin Complete
8 SC-50-61-E Side Cylinder / Swivel Attach
9 SC-50-70 Swivel Assembly
N/S SC-50-74 Swivel Bolt & Locknut
10 SC-50-3 Safety Shield w/Bolts
N/S SC-50-32 Safety Shield Bolt  (1/4 X 1)
N/S SC-50-33 Safety Shield Nut  (1/4)
N/S SC-50-34 Safety Shield Washer  (1/4)
11 SC-50-5 Gearbox w/Bolts
N/S SC-50-52 Gearbox Bolt & Locknut
12 SC-50-4 PTO w/Slip Clutch
13 SC-50-71 Swivel Assembly Pin Complete
14 SC-50-72 Swivel / 3-Pt. Pin Complete
15 SC-50-62 Top Cylinders Complete
N/S SC-50-621 Top Cylinder Pin w/Clip
16 SC-50-61 Side Cylinder Complete
N/S SC-50-613 Side Cylinder Pin w/Clips
17 SC-50-27 Jack Stand Leg w/Linch Pin
18 SC-50-3A3 Rubber Strap Assembly
19 SC-50-75 Swivel Ear Pin
20 SC-50-40 Debris guard complete